Salsa Lessons

Students of our  Toronto Salsa lessons get to experience the unique blending of traditional Latin sounds and dance steps of the Mambo and the Cha Cha with the freedom and turning actions of Swing and Hustle. Our Toronto Salsa lessons offer you the true nightclub dance that fits onto small crowded floors, a real must for Latin social dancing.

History of the Salsa

Salsa is the Spanish word for “sauce” denoting a spicy or hot flavour. As a dance, it can be danced to a variety of different rhythms. Generically salsa music encompasses many Afro-Latin rhythms driven by the clave (two wooden sticks struck together). Today’s Salsa is the result of many years of rhythmical evolution due to economic, social and political change. Salsa is the national music and dance of Puerto Rico. Many of the Salsa dance patterns are closely related to those of the Mambo.

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