Private Dance Lessons

Individual or One-on-one dance lessons give students private instruction on a particular dance style. Lessons often take place in a dance studio.

Everyone is different and learns differently. When it comes to learning how to social dance, some people learn better in private dance lessons which allow them to progress at their own pace while others learn better


1. You are getting ready for an event, such as a wedding, black-tie event, cruise and etc. In private lessons, your teacher can focus on dance style(s) that you will be dancing in the particular event. You can also spend more time dancing to a specific song if you are learning a first dance or style of music which will be played at the event.

2. You want to learn and progress faster. In a one-on-one setting, your teacher can customize your lessons according to your skill levels, needs and learning styles. When the teacher’s attention is all on you, you will receive a more focused and optimized learning experience. And you will find yourself learning more details and improving faster.

3. You get nervous dancing with other people. Even though the ultimate goal for you is to dance socially, it could be nerve-racking dancing with other people while you don’t feel confident enough yet. Private lessons allow you to progress at your own pace. You will overcome the fear of dancing socially through encouraging and helpful guidance from your teacher.

4. You want to celebrate a special occasion. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is a big fan of “Dancing with the Stars” and his/her birthday is coming soon, private dance lessons will be a perfect gift and a wonderful way to celebrate. Not only will you spend a great time learning to dance together but also develop a new hobby that you can share with each other.