Group Dance Classes


1. You want to meet new people.  Taking dance classes is a great way to meet new people. Unlike meeting people at bars and other typical social gatherings, you will get to know people through learning a healthy activity. In most group classes, you will have opportunities to dance with and meet a variety of people.

2. You want to get better at leading and following through practice. Since you will be dancing with different partners in a group class, you will gain experiences leading or following a variety of people and get better at your role over time. Practice makes perfect!

3. You want to gain experiences dancing socially. A group dance class is a mini social dance event with a teacher’s guidance. By attending more of these group classes, you will feel more confident and comfortable dancing with people in the “real” social settings.

4.  You want to improve your ability to navigate a crowded dance floor. In a group class, you will have to share the space with other students. And to avoid collisions, you will learn how to adjust the size of your steps and use patterns that help you navigate the dance floor more efficiently.