What should I do if I feel nervous for my first lesson?

No need to feel nervous. In dance studios locations, I will make sure my students are relaxed and in comfortable surroundings, ensuring that students feel right at home in an open learning environment.

What to wear to dance class?

One of the most important thing in any dancing situation is comfort and safety.
Dance professionals want your dance lessons to be relaxing and fun. There is no dress code of any sort. Deniz, recommends some shoes appropriate for dancing. If you have no dance shoes, wear a comfortable dress shoe that won’t grip the floor. Please avoid a sandal/flip-flop without any heel support.
When we step into the dance world, we have to think about what we wear to accommodate our body moving. We don’t recommend too tight clothes that will prevent your body from moving freely. Flexible fabric, light chiffon, and breathable fabrics preferred.

Do I need a partner?

No partner is necessary. During your private dance lessons with Danceprofessionals, your instructor will be your partner. You will learn the dance effectively during your private, one on one lessons with your teacher .

When can I take dance lessons?

You can take your dance class anytime you wish.
Dance Professionals work hours between 10 am till 10 pm including weekends.

How often should i take dance lessons to improve faster at it?

Dance professionals encourage you to keep your lessons closer, if you have a book and only reading it once a week it’ll be hard to finish. Imagine that book as your development for your dancing and your instructor is the author. Keeping your lessons close together will make you improve your dancing sooner time.

Where can i go social dancing in Toronto? Is there ballroom and latin dance nights?
  • Monday: Alleycatz (click for address)
  • Wednesday: Posh Club (click for address)
  • Thursday: El Rancho (click for address)
  • Friday: Toronto Salsa Fridays (TSF) at Dovercourt House or El Rancho (click for address)
  • Saturday: Lula Lounge or El Rancho (click for address)
  • Sunday: Sunday Social at Dovercourt House (click for address)