Chaperone Dance Service

Dance professionals offer you dance chaperone services. This social dancing is for students only!!Introducing 1hr dance chaperone service will help you start your first-time social dance with ease and confidence.

Dance chaperone service helps you in your role, following guidelines to assure those dance students attending dance functions have safe, enjoyable and meaningful 1-hour social dance experience with the instructor. Smoking or alcohol during the service will NOT be tolerated.

Social Dancing

Social dancing is done on crowded dance floors as well as situations where there is a night out or corporate event celebration such as a business trips weddings, office party or a latin club spot which offers some room to dance. The opportunity to dance in social places where there are other people builds improvement, self-confidence and joy in your dancing.

Join Dance professionals and be part of Toronto’s most joyful and welcoming dance community and start your social dance with ease.

Wedding Dance

DanceProfessionals happy to help you create a wedding first dance that matches your personality and wedding style. Having worked with wedding couples for the past decade, I have developed effective teaching methods to help couples with different dance levels, needs and goals. Whether you want to impress your guests with a “Dancing with the Stars” routine or simply don’t want to look like a fool on the dance floor, we can help you achieve your goal in our one-on-one wedding dance lessons.

Group Dance Classes


1. You want to meet new people.  Taking dance classes is a great way to meet new people. Unlike meeting people at bars and other typical social gatherings, you will get to know people through learning a healthy activity. In most group classes, you will have opportunities to dance with and meet a variety of people.

2. You want to get better at leading and following through practice. Since you will be dancing with different partners in a group class, you will gain experiences leading or following a variety of people and get better at your role over time. Practice makes perfect!

3. You want to gain experiences dancing socially. A group dance class is a mini social dance event with a teacher’s guidance. By attending more of these group classes, you will feel more confident and comfortable dancing with people in the “real” social settings.

4.  You want to improve your ability to navigate a crowded dance floor. In a group class, you will have to share the space with other students. And to avoid collisions, you will learn how to adjust the size of your steps and use patterns that help you navigate the dance floor more efficiently.

Private Dance Lessons

Individual or One-on-one dance lessons give students private instruction on a particular dance style. Lessons often take place in a dance studio.

Everyone is different and learns differently. When it comes to learning how to social dance, some people learn better in private dance lessons which allow them to progress at their own pace while others learn better


1. You are getting ready for an event, such as a wedding, black-tie event, cruise and etc. In private lessons, your teacher can focus on dance style(s) that you will be dancing in the particular event. You can also spend more time dancing to a specific song if you are learning a first dance or style of music which will be played at the event.

2. You want to learn and progress faster. In a one-on-one setting, your teacher can customize your lessons according to your skill levels, needs and learning styles. When the teacher’s attention is all on you, you will receive a more focused and optimized learning experience. And you will find yourself learning more details and improving faster.

3. You get nervous dancing with other people. Even though the ultimate goal for you is to dance socially, it could be nerve-racking dancing with other people while you don’t feel confident enough yet. Private lessons allow you to progress at your own pace. You will overcome the fear of dancing socially through encouraging and helpful guidance from your teacher.

4. You want to celebrate a special occasion. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is a big fan of “Dancing with the Stars” and his/her birthday is coming soon, private dance lessons will be a perfect gift and a wonderful way to celebrate. Not only will you spend a great time learning to dance together but also develop a new hobby that you can share with each other.