PRO-AM Competition

Pro-Am is a partnership where professional coaches and partners with an amateur. There are some great advantages to having a professional partner and it is also a lot of fun.

Coaching Price: CAD $100 per hour

Social Dancing

Social dancing is done on crowded dance floors as well as situations where there is a night out or corporate event celebration such as a business trips weddings, office party or a Latin club spot which offers some room to dance. The opportunity to dance in social places where there are other people builds improvement, self-confidence and joy in your dancing.

Join Dance professionals and be part of Toronto’s most joyful and welcoming dance community and start your social dance with ease.

Wedding Dance

Dance Professionals would be happy to help you create a wedding first dance that matches your wedding style. We can help you achieve your goal with our private lessons.

Coaching Price: CAD $1000 package

Group Dance Classes

Taking group dance classes is a great way to meet new people. Unlike meeting people at bars and other typical social gatherings, you will get to know people while learning a healthy activity.

Coaching Price: CAD $25 per hour

Private Dance Lessons

Everyone is different and learns differently. When it comes to learning how to social dance, some people learn better in private dance lessons allowing them to progress quickly.


You are getting ready for an event, such as a wedding, black-tie event, cruise and etc. In private lessons, your teacher can focus on dance style(s) that you will be dancing in a particular event. You can also spend more time dancing to a specific song if you are learning a first dance or style of music which will be played at the event.

You want to learn and progress faster. In a one-on-one setting, your teacher can customize your lessons according to your skill levels, needs and learning styles. When the teacher’s attention is all on you, you will receive a more focused and optimized learning experience. And you will find yourself learning more details and improving faster.

Coaching Price: CAD $120 per hour