Conditioning Class

This hour-long class focuses on building core strength and increasing endurance and flexibility through a variety of exercises. Students are motivated to improve their strength and flexibility working towards the end of the session.

Dancers are athletes. Just like football players and gymnasts, dancers deal with the risk of injury.  Conditioning students in functional strength and flexibility while teaching them the appropriate way to use their bodies decreases the chance of injury.  As students progress to the advanced levels of class there is an increased need for endurance to complete prolonged combinations and train through longer class times efficiently.  As students progress levels the demand on the body is increased just as it is with sports.  By strengthening and conditioning students as they grow and improve as dancers decrease the chance of injury and in the long run creates an intelligent, well-rounded artist with self-awareness.

Make a difference in your dance! Improve your strength, technique and performance in all dance styles, all dance levels.