Adagio, is mainly concerned with lifting-progressing from small waist high flips and spins up to full one arm balances, throws and heart-stopping catches. The male partner obviously has to possess great strength and technique in order to effortlessly propel his partner up into the air (Well that’s how it should appear) Equally the female counterpart, should be strong, flexible, elegant and fearless, thus enabling her to be lifted with ease and poise without indication of the inner stresses and strains. It would certainly make for an interesting piece should the realities be allowed to show!!!!! The lifts, spins and tricks are then interspersed with dance moves and styles of your choice, to give the work its own particular flavour, depending on the context of the show or event that you are involved in.The most traditional Adagio piece is the ‘Apache’ – where the French sailor throws around his Prostitute (Nice work if you can get it!!)